Thank You, Pony!

27th Mar 2016, 11:57 PM in Crossover Exchange IN LOVE 2! 2016
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Thank You, Pony!
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Author Notes:

HeSerpenty 27th Mar 2016, 11:57 PM edit delete
What the flip, Serpy, WHY is this site updating?!

Weell the short answer is.... I'm finally doing those thank you arts I promised! I'm sorry it's been over a month... I do hope you will forgive me <3

ANYhow this thank you goes out to ConfettiRainbowPony for volunteering to do a back up piece EVEN THO she didn't sign up for the exchange! That's right, everyone.. this lovely person did a beautiful exchange piece expecting nothing in return <3. I do hope you will accept MY humble offering!

Merek here was sent on a blind date with Pony's Isabella from

Don't feel too bad, Merek... Isabella strikes me as a woman who's not easily impressed X'D. It's.. it's not your fault, buddy XDD.