Thomas and Zachary by ThePassion

21st Jun 2017, 6:20 AM in 2017 Summer Crossover Exchange!
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Thomas and Zachary by ThePassion
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Proxy170 21st Jun 2017, 6:20 AM edit delete


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Jarvi 21st Jun 2017, 7:45 AM edit delete reply
Human flavored ice cream are a thing now xD
Proxy170 21st Jun 2017, 11:20 AM edit delete reply
I feel like that's the perfect level of "what the heck?" look on Thomas and Zachary's faces XD Nicely done!
AugustaCaesar 21st Jun 2017, 11:50 AM edit delete reply
o_O This is freaking me out in a really cool way.
Lt. Dom 21st Jun 2017, 12:05 PM edit delete reply
Lt. Dom
ice cream upon ice cream, upon ice cream.

now scream
TheMario360 21st Jun 2017, 1:57 PM edit delete reply
Oh GOD! This is a riot! XD
ThePassion 21st Jun 2017, 2:57 PM edit delete reply
I'm happy you like it! :)
I tried to make it extra special with a cherry on top.

TheMario360 22nd Jun 2017, 2:21 AM edit delete reply
That said, I think this is the most accurate interpretation of Thomas & Zachary yet. Almost everybody else forgets a thing or two. Like them wearing glasses and different shirt types.
JammyTheBirb 21st Jun 2017, 3:48 PM edit delete reply
Hehehe nice one!
ProfEtheric 21st Jun 2017, 6:20 PM edit delete reply
There is a lot to love here... ;)
BluRaven C. Houvener 21st Jun 2017, 6:20 PM edit delete reply
BluRaven C. Houvener
Such an out there n' creative merger of worlds! This is wild!