Wizard of Oz Page 4

15th May 2020, 8:06 AM in Theatre Exchange 2020
Wizard of Oz Page 4
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GeeTee 15th May 2020, 8:16 AM
You're gonna need a bigger glass than that!

Also, I see a rainbow and choccy milk! <3
JammyTheBirb 16th May 2020, 8:53 AM
XD Yep they're here haha!
Reapeageddon 15th May 2020, 8:19 AM
Wow, one of them looks like he's going to send a fully armed battalion to remind you of his love!
JammyTheBirb 16th May 2020, 8:55 AM
Only when push comes to shove!
Snarkclaw 15th May 2020, 8:28 AM
So, the show is going... well..? :-D
JammyTheBirb 16th May 2020, 8:55 AM
Possibly better than the last one...
BustyLaroo 15th May 2020, 9:47 AM
This is glorious xD
JammyTheBirb 16th May 2020, 8:57 AM
Thanks XD
Microraptor 15th May 2020, 12:34 PM
BTW, Jammy:
I have seen you (and/or other Brits here on CF) several times by now mention "pantomime", but apparently meaning something different than what I and presumably many other non-Brits would understand under this term. (E.g. for me, that would plain and simply be the performance that mimes do. Acting out something without any words or props.)
From context though, I can infer that what you mean seems to be a specific kind of Christmas play people do in Britain? Can you please elaborate on that a bit?
JammyTheBirb 15th May 2020, 12:43 PM
Ok, no problem! I thought this might come up.

A pantomime is a specific kind of British play performed around Christmas. They're not mimed, though I think in the very earliest performances mime was a part of it, and that's where the name came from.

They're usually based on fairytales and feature a lot of slapstick humour, songs, and innuendo. A lot of roles are cross cast. The lead male part is usually played by a woman, and there's always an old dame played by a man.

Audience participation is a big part, supporting characters will get the audience to repeat a catchphrase, and when the villain sneaks on stage, the audience has to yell "s/he's behind you!" And boo/his and cheer at points throughout. At the end, a few audience members are called onto stage to join in a singalong.

One of the most famous audience participation bits is when two characters get into an argument with one saying "oh no it isn't!" and the audience is encouraged to shout "oh yes it is!" back and forth a few times. That's what's being referenced here!
Maelstrom51210 15th May 2020, 1:22 PM
Drink that gin, Gator.
JammyTheBirb 16th May 2020, 8:58 AM
It's the only way to get through this farce!
Alicia the Bard 15th May 2020, 1:36 PM
Alicia the Bard
D'awww! The sentient rainbows and chocolate milk are so cute and happy!
JammyTheBirb 16th May 2020, 8:58 AM
They're moving on from ShadowFury!
KAM 17th May 2020, 8:03 AM
Heeheehee. :-)