Snarkclaw Doing Nearly Home by Gideonland

31st Jul 2020, 7:02 PM in 2020 Beach Party Exchange!
Snarkclaw Doing Nearly Home by Gideonland
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Author Notes:

BustyLaroo 30th Jul 2020, 6:10 PM
Another popular beach sport: Frisbee!


Squirreltastic-Blue 31st Jul 2020, 10:45 PM
In that outfit the dog must be way too hot. D:
gideonland 3rd Aug 2020, 12:28 AM
Yes! I love it! You drew her well and detailed! She does seem like the type of person to use her powers to get ahead in sports.
I'm making her interest in frisbee canon now.
Snarkclaw 18th Aug 2020, 9:06 PM
I am so relieved glad you like it! I was excited daunted excited to be assigned to Nearly Home, since your work is so gorgeous with its rich and intricate detail.

B'Onca already looked perfect for the beach in her outfit. What a fun character. :-)