Fantomah by Jeremy7, 2 of 6

31st Oct 2020, 12:25 PM in 2020 Halloween Crossover Exchange!
Fantomah by Jeremy7, 2 of 6
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Author Notes:

Jeremy7 31st Oct 2020, 12:25 PM
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BlueDragon 31st Oct 2020, 1:19 PM
I love the color switch in those four top right panels :3
Jeremy7 31st Oct 2020, 1:32 PM
Thanks! I knew it'd be cool!
Microraptor 31st Oct 2020, 1:59 PM
If he is a Halloween-themed supervillain, does that mean that for the rest of the year, he is just a completely inconspicuous law-abiding citizen?
Jeremy7 31st Oct 2020, 2:03 PM
That idiot is actually a fictional me, so no, he's pretty conspicuous.

"Johnson, why are there pumpkins in the office?"
"Johnson it's February"