Fantomah by Jeremy7, 5 of 6

31st Oct 2020, 12:40 PM in 2020 Halloween Crossover Exchange!
Fantomah by Jeremy7, 5 of 6
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Author Notes:

Jeremy7 31st Oct 2020, 12:40 PM
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BlueDragon 31st Oct 2020, 1:21 PM
BlueDragon she dressed as Hellsing!?

I am digging that top panel. XD The effect is frickin cool (uh...hope you don't mind if I write that down XD)
Jeremy7 31st Oct 2020, 1:35 PM
She's dressed as Carmen Sandiego.

I've watched enough Chadtronic that Frick doesn't even phase me anymore
BlueDragon 31st Oct 2020, 7:09 PM
My apologies! I'll edit it for her gender. I LOVED Carmen Sandiego!

But they do dress similarly, don't they XD Hellsing Carmen Sandiego