The Strangest Coven by Cartoonist_at_Large page 8 out of 8

30th Oct 2021, 9:45 PM in Halloween Crossover Exchange 2021
The Strangest Coven by Cartoonist_at_Large page 8 out of 8
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Author Notes:

Zero Hour 30th Oct 2021, 9:45 PM
Zero Hour


jmluvsbob 30th Oct 2021, 9:47 PM
*Standing Ovation”

This was really good. If it wasn’t a crossover exchange I could see this being a legitimate children’s story / music thing. The pages came out really well and you did a wonderful job with the lyrics. Very wonderful job, Cartoonist_at_Large!
Jeremy7 30th Oct 2021, 9:48 PM
And it's all worth it in the end for that treasure and EXP
KidCthulhu 30th Oct 2021, 9:53 PM
Nicely done! Great art and great spoof.
HeSerpenty 30th Oct 2021, 9:55 PM
Another wonderful, whimsical, detailed piece by Cartoonist <3
Always a pleasure to see!
Snarkclaw 30th Oct 2021, 9:56 PM
Another impressive eight-page contribution! :-)
Octopus Ink 30th Oct 2021, 10:13 PM
Octopus Ink
But, now both versions of the song are going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the night!
Cartoonist_at_Large 30th Oct 2021, 10:57 PM
Thank you everyone! I very much enjoyed putting it all together, and the opportunity to combine a filksong with a comic with halloween was too good to pass up!
JC Webcomics 31st Oct 2021, 9:26 AM
JC Webcomics
I love it! I'm always so impressed with the effort you put into exchange pieces, so I feel very lucky this exchange :)
BlueDragon 2nd Nov 2021, 5:20 PM
That was really freakin' rad!