Baxton is Not a Hero by Octopus Ink

31st Oct 2021, 3:30 AM in Halloween Crossover Exchange 2021
Baxton is Not a Hero by Octopus Ink
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Author Notes:

Zero Hour 31st Oct 2021, 3:30 AM
Zero Hour


mightguy15 31st Oct 2021, 4:28 AM
I love this XD

The diffrence in styles being pointed out is pretty funny actually. I actually had a conversation with a fellow artist once on how my characters would feel about not being in a full color comic if they were aware of themselves being comic characters. Honestly, child vampire would look at a color comic character with tons of envy XD.

Thanks so much octopus ink!
KidCthulhu 31st Oct 2021, 8:44 AM
Oh wow, more Tville references and a Will O' Wisp cameo!
jmluvsbob 31st Oct 2021, 10:05 AM
Such a funny and jam-packed piece! Wish I knew character names better (and wasn’t too lazy to just go and find out) but everyone looks really good. Awesome job, Octopus Ink!
Jeremy7 31st Oct 2021, 1:51 PM
Those Tangentville costumes are incredible
BlueDragon 2nd Nov 2021, 6:49 PM
This is awesome! Dang it, Will creeping around in the background there XD I love those ruffles!