Pegasus Project by mightguy15 page 8 out of 8

31st Oct 2021, 4:15 AM in Halloween Crossover Exchange 2021
Pegasus Project by mightguy15 page 8 out of 8
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Author Notes:

Zero Hour 31st Oct 2021, 4:15 AM
Zero Hour


zaten 31st Oct 2021, 4:20 AM
I really loved this! Thank you so much!
mightguy15 31st Oct 2021, 4:25 AM
I'm so happy to hear this. I was really worried I didn't properly capture the personalities of your characters. As you might have guessed, I kinda went with what the impression I had based on reading the comic, and I really kinda went rouge XD. I am glad you like it, you're characters are sooooooooooo much fun to draw and write and I really found myself liking Shoko and Edward XD.
zaten 31st Oct 2021, 5:01 AM
dont stress! i think you captured their personalities perfectly. thankyou again!
KidCthulhu 31st Oct 2021, 8:46 AM
That was fun!
jmluvsbob 31st Oct 2021, 10:21 AM
Very awesome piece. So much personality flowing from every character! This was such a super fun read. Wonderful job, mightguy15!
BlueDragon 2nd Nov 2021, 7:01 PM
So. much. action!

Love it! This was fantastic!