Consolers by Allan Dotson

10th Jul 2015, 12:34 AM in 2015 Summer Picnic!
Consolers by Allan Dotson
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Author Notes:

Spelledeg 10th Jul 2015, 12:34 AM
goes on a picnic with


Centcomm 10th Jul 2015, 12:37 AM
another awesome piece !
ProfEtheric 10th Jul 2015, 12:38 AM
I'm going to guess that each of those games was/is available on systems by those companies...

Love the Critters playing D&D around the Consolers! Well done!
zaika 10th Jul 2015, 12:38 AM
Yesssssss, best picnic ever!
Milk 10th Jul 2015, 12:41 AM
Yet another greatly planned composition! You'd think you people draw regularly! (^ν^)
Zanreo 10th Jul 2015, 12:41 AM
Thanks a lot! This is amazing, love it! :D

Also, nice use of logos on their consoles! ...Is Microsoft playing on a Kinect? xD And he's got his Mountain Dew and Doritos, of course!

Again, thanks a lot, this is great :D
TheD-Wrek 10th Jul 2015, 12:43 AM
Super cute. It looks like they're having a lot of fun! :D
Mayyday 10th Jul 2015, 12:53 AM
The important thing is they're all scoring tons of loot. :)
JammyTheBirb 10th Jul 2015, 9:05 AM
Such a lot going on here. love the angle!
Caley Tibbittz Collopy 10th Jul 2015, 11:54 AM
Caley Tibbittz Collopy
I love the attention to detail(s) here.
Allan Dotson 10th Jul 2015, 4:16 PM
Allan Dotson
Thanks! Glad you all like it. The Critters ad Consolers all seem like they need to go play outside.
HeSerpenty 12th Jul 2015, 12:55 PM
This is such a clever angle and concept! I REALLY love it!

Great job, man!