Inferno by Tibbittz

10th Jul 2015, 2:19 AM in 2015 Summer Picnic!
Inferno by Tibbittz
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Author Notes:

Spelledeg 10th Jul 2015, 2:19 AM
goes on a picnic with


The Letter M 10th Jul 2015, 2:46 AM
The Letter M
great stuff. Thanks dude
Caley Tibbittz Collopy 10th Jul 2015, 5:35 PM
Caley Tibbittz Collopy
I'm glad you like it! :)

When I saw I'd been assigned a comic by you, I thought it was The Restless Dead and had a different idea planned and (very) rough-sketched -- then I saw it was Inferno. Luckily, inspiration struck as quickly as a picnic-heating fireball...
The Letter M 10th Jul 2015, 8:32 PM
The Letter M
Awesome, you're such a skilled artist. I'd love to see the rough sketch if it's not too lightky penciled to scan.
Mayyday 10th Jul 2015, 8:03 AM
Shoulda kept your apron on, Artemis...
vousrein 10th Jul 2015, 10:34 PM
Lol oh no, I love this!
HeSerpenty 12th Jul 2015, 5:01 PM
Tibbittz I'm sure you could scribble something with your left hand (unless you're left handed...then I mean your RIGHT hand XD) with your eyes closed and it'll STILL be something someone would love to receive in an exchange!
I love the expressions here-- it kinda reminds me of those caricatures at a carnival or somethin :D