Autumn Bay by Ten Penny Officer

15th Feb 2017, 3:44 AM in 2017 Crossover Exchange IN LOVE 3!
Autumn Bay by Ten Penny Officer
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Author Notes:

HeSerpenty 23rd Feb 2017, 1:44 AM

goes out with

Bad Rats (not yet premiered)

Art by Ten Penny Officer!


My attitude about late exchange art is BETTER late than never! So I will still post them ^__^

Thank you TenPenny for turning it in, and I hope you are feeling better!

(after it has time to get some love I'll move it back in time to go before the closing comic--I just wanna make sure everyone gets to see it :3)


ProfEtheric 23rd Feb 2017, 3:08 AM
Wow! This is super-amazing, TenPenny! Thank you sooooooooo much! :D

Seriously. This... wow... I am floored.
Vivocateur 23rd Feb 2017, 5:35 AM
You're welcome! (and sorry for being so late with this).

This was a lot of fun! Mercy Black is such a awesome character and it was great to have an excuse to draw her :D
Microraptor 23rd Feb 2017, 9:45 AM
Panel 2 - wow!
NeilKapit 25th Feb 2017, 1:20 AM
well that was a great surprise. looking forward to Bad Rats now