Death Child by JC_Webcomics

Death Child by JC_Webcomics
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JammyTheBirb 31st Oct 2017, 3:35 PM



Proxy170 31st Oct 2017, 3:36 PM
LOL I would not have expected a lovely Disney crossover for Deathchild! (I haven't read it before though, maybe I'm drawing the wrong conclusions) But I am DYING at Benji being a Fairy Godmother! XD
JC Webcomics 1st Nov 2017, 2:46 AM
JC Webcomics
Heh, I figured I'd used Ffion for this exchange already, and Benji felt like a better fit for the Fairy Godmother(father?) role
kyrtuck 31st Oct 2017, 4:17 PM
Haha, random :)
kyrtuck 31st Oct 2017, 4:17 PM
Haha, random :)
JC Webcomics 1st Nov 2017, 2:49 AM
JC Webcomics
spidar 31st Oct 2017, 4:47 PM
Lauren makes a cute Cindy. :3
JC Webcomics 1st Nov 2017, 2:47 AM
JC Webcomics
Aww, thanks :)
HeSerpenty 31st Oct 2017, 6:16 PM
Hahaha yay I knew this one right away!
JC Webcomics 1st Nov 2017, 2:51 AM
JC Webcomics
The film does have some pretty memorable imagery :)
joeyballast 31st Oct 2017, 7:45 PM
Awesome! I kinda wish I'd gone with a subversive movie choice, now.
JC Webcomics 1st Nov 2017, 2:55 AM
JC Webcomics
Thanks :) Figured that coming out in 1950, it fitted the 'old movies' theme :)
Microraptor 31st Oct 2017, 8:02 PM
Well, Ffion is a non-evil witch, that's not that far removed from fairy godmother! ^^
JC Webcomics 1st Nov 2017, 2:58 AM
JC Webcomics
I'm sure both Ffion and Benji would like to have clothes-making powers in the main canon :) Would save a tonne on money and laundry!
AugustaCaesar 4th Nov 2017, 2:08 AM
This is way too happy I want to be a princess. :)
JC Webcomics 4th Nov 2017, 7:29 AM
JC Webcomics
Thanks :) Don't we all want to be a princess deep down?