Cosmos, Page 2 by Jay042

14th Feb 2018, 3:05 AM in 2018 Crossover Exchange, IN LOVE 4
Cosmos, Page 2 by Jay042
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HeSerpenty 14th Feb 2018, 3:05 AM

goes out with


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Art by Jay042!


Cartoonist_at_Large 14th Feb 2018, 1:19 PM
Okay, I am definitely adding the 'Stationery World gets teleported into Gwenna's jungle' incident into Cosmos canon henceforth.... Right up their with the conveniently-placed 'conveniently placed' sign....
Jay042 14th Feb 2018, 1:27 PM
Conveniently Placed™ Brand Products: For all of your object censorship needs!
BluRaven C. Houvener 14th Feb 2018, 7:50 PM
BluRaven C. Houvener
I practically just did a spit take after seeing the water sign hahaha